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Internal Strategy, IT project management, and business integration for Financial Services

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Michael Ashley

About Michael Ashley

For over two decades, I've navigated the complex landscape of the banking and financial services industries, immersing myself in technology, operational strategy, and spearheading large-scale projects. My journey has transcended mere roles; it's about the impactful contributions I've made. I've championed vital tech initiatives, optimized operational procedures, and served in key leadership capacities.

What truly sets me apart is my ability to foster connections. I excel at collaborating with diverse teams, ensuring across the board alignment, and facilitating seamless project execution.

A strong proponent of lifelong learning, I consistently seek out certifications and workshops, ensuring I'm always in tune with the evolving rhythms of the industry.

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Services Overview

IT Project and Program Management

Drawing from extensive experience, I am capable of leading sizable programs that encompass multiple scrum teams and diverse cross-sections of business, finance, and operational stakeholders. My expertise ensures that complex initiatives, no matter the scale, are executed efficiently, fostering alignment and ensuring deliverables meet the highest standards.

Business Integration & Transformation

Leveraging deep expertise in integrating, merging, and standardizing operational, financial, and business processes, I excel at streamlining complexities arising from mergers, acquisitions, and internal consolidations. My strategic approach ensures seamless transitions, optimized performance, and a unified business vision.

Tech, Operations, and Location Strategy

Leveraging a robust approach to standardize processes, I specialize in calibrating staff responsibilities, harmonizing organizational spans and layers, and diversifying staff locations. My strategic insights not only bolster location-specific value but also improve overall operational efficiency.

Chief of Staff & Business Administration

With a rich background in steering executive-level agendas, I provide Chief of Staff services that align strategic goals, foster internal communication, and streamline decision-making. My expertise extends to comprehensive business administration, ensuring that organizational structures, processes, and strategies are optimized for success.